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When car manufacturers run commercials on television to promote the new safety features of their vehicles, they almost never mention the windshield or the windows surrounding the driver and passengers. Nevertheless, the glass that surrounds you in these vehicles has been designed and made with the intention of ensuring your safety. However, despite the fact that it is visually identical to other types of glass, auto glass safety performs significantly differently.

Auto Glass Safety Keeps You Safe

The windshield of a car is often overlooked by drivers until it's too late. While it's clear that a windshield's primary purpose is to protect drivers and passengers from the elements and road debris, it's also important to remember that windshields offer additional layers of protection.  Did you know that in the event of a rollover, the windshield is responsible for up to 70% of the structural integrity of your car? It is not uncommon for windshields to entirely separate from their vehicles after a little collision if they were placed incorrectly. It's easy to picture the havoc wreaked by a badly placed windshield in the event of a crash.

How Auto Safety Glass is Made

All auto glass is made out of safety glass. If it does break, it is designed to do less damage and less harm. A lamination process is used to create windshields. Laminated glass, like the windshield glass in your automobile, is intended to withstand significant impact without cracking or shattering. To do this, you first need to heat the glass to a high degree and then fast cool it.  That's why you might hear this type of glass referred to as "tempered glass."  In this way, the exterior glass is compressed while the inside is stretched. This mechanism guarantees that glass will break upon impact. Windows made of tempered glass are beneficial in accidents because they can be broken quickly in an emergency to allow the occupants to escape the vehicle.

Finding The Exact Fit Auto Glass Safety

Using auto glass safety made in a fixture designed according to the manufacturer's specifications is the best approach to guarantee a perfect fit. You can replace your glass windshield with either an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield or with an aftermarket windshield made by a manufacturer other than the original equipment manufacturer. While the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards apply to all windshields and side windows, OEM glass windshields and side windows offer two advantages over aftermarket windshields and side windows:

  • A genuine OEM replacement windshield is made using the same manufacturing processes as the original. This replacement windshield will look just like your car's original windshield, but it will reduce noise and leakage by fitting snugly within the window frame.
  • Suppliers of original equipment glass work with automakers to boost overall performance and functionality. OEM manufacturers have a deeper understanding of the engineering requirements of a windshield because of their collaboration with automakers, and their substitute windshields are created with the same quality control methods as new vehicles.

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